Come out and Play FAQ

What's a PUG?

A PUG is a pick ugame. Think of a PUG like your own, one-time personal ad where you're announcing an opportunity to play, anywhere.  Tennis Anywhere helps you get the word out and get a game going on short notice in your area no matter where in the world you are.


What are the Types of PUGs?

There are 3 types of PUGs: social, competitive, and private.

  • Social - the emphasis is on fun, everyone that meets your minimum level to play is "in", players faces show
  • Competitive - you manually approve the players you want "in"; players are on the wait list until approved by you
  • Private - arrangements are made between the organizer and those interested; players that are "in” are only visible to the organizer; you choose to show or hide the time and specific location of your PUG

How much does it cost?

PUGs are always free.  Court fees, if required, should never be padded or exceed the usual expected rate for the courts. However, with a group subscription, captains, tennis pros, and businesses, can set up fee-based events such as clinics, drills, and round robins. For fee-based events, faces don't show.


How do I play here?

You set up a profile and then click on CREATE PUG from the homepage to create a pick up game or join in one someone else has already set up. 


How do I get people to join my PUG?

Sometimes it's as simple as just setting one up and people that receive an automated notification about your PUG will join. Other times, say you're short players, use Tennis Anywhere to help fill the gap.  You can INVITE friends that are in or not yet in Tennis Anywhere, from your PUG.  You can do a FIND from the player directory to locate someone you know is in Tennis Anywhere and then contact them.  If someone gives you a verbal "I'm in" you can ADD them  to your PUG.  You can use the SHARE button to get to word out to your favorite social media sites.

Or you can still make your usual email or phone announcement to your friends, just let them know there is a new place where everyone can see what's going on and that they can add or drop themselves. This makes it easier to keep track of who's coming and going and any changes. It also cuts down on a lot of redundant phone calls, texts, and emails flying back and forth to get it organized.


How do I save the friends I meet so that I can play with them again?

Tennis Anywhere makes it easy to expand your tennis friend network. You can invite new people you meet and play with to be your tennis friends.  When they accept your invitation they become part of your tennis friend list so that you can easily find and contact them in the future. Unlike other social media this friend list is limited to tennis so you're not innundated with personal info not relevant to your PUG such as ads, baby announcements, or other info or requests you haven't expressed an interest in.


I heard I can earn points?

Yes!  Every time you set up or participate in a PUG you earn points. Total points are visible in your Dashboard. You earn

    30  points set up your PUG and it completes
    10  points set up your PUG but it doesn't complete (i.e. rain)
    10  points attend a PUG
      5  points attend a PUG but show up late
     -5  points were on the list for a PUG but were a no show

Points help to make up your reputation.  Points can also translate into tangible prizes during promotions.


What's different? What does playing PUGs do for me that I can't do elsewhere? In Tennis Anywhere you can: 

  • Require level approval to screen in compatible players. See Ratings.
  • Mark attendance for each player. You earn points. They earn points which counts toward your reputation. 
  • Set up your PUG right from the home page.
  • Update the status of your PUG as needed.
  • Choose to let players add comments to your PUG as it's forming.
  • "Clone" a PUG to run it again in the future
  • Decide whether you want your PUG to be visible to the world or just a smaller group.
  • You'll find fewer open, unmoderated forums and spam and troll magnets here. 

What else can I do here?

  • Prepare for your league match without the score affecting your rating.
  • Manage you own ads and drops taking pressure off of the organizer or captain.
  • Create a personal tennis friends list to notify them when you're setting something up
  • Send messages without exposing your email
  • Invite others
  • No "reply all" team messages cluttering up your inbox
  • Play once you're done. Come back in for more fun.
  • Exercise to improve your overall level of health and fitness.